UltraAnswer Telephone Input

The Telephone Input (UltraAnswer) option provides a telephone based data entry system for the UltraTime Enterprise system. This module is best suited for organizations that have a small number of employees at a large number of locations, or any place where it is not cost justified or feasible to have a badge terminal.

The system can also utilize caller ID to verify that employees are calling from an authorized location. The system typically supports between two and four incoming lines. The module utilizes a dedicated PC connected via the LAN to the application server.



  • Clock In/Out
  • Change Job/Dept/Location/Transportation
  • Check Schedule
  • Check Hours Worked
  • Record Employee Name
  • Total Hours Entry
  • Absence Call In



  • Employee Punch Recall
  • Employee Last Punch Recall
  • Missing Punch Entry
  • Absence Hours Entry
  • Group Transfer
  • Record Employee Message
  • Record Employee Name
  • Report Request